Sacro / Profano

A series of early music concerts in Florence, Italy

From May 31st to June 10th, Salon/Sanctuary Concerts of New York City in collaboration with The Associazione per Boboli, NYU Villa La Pietra, Palazzo Bardi, and other organizations, offers the third season of Sacro/Profano, our early music concerts in The Cradle of the Renaissance – Florence, Italy. 

An international roster of artists perform a week of stunning early music concerts in locations of unparalleled historic and artistic resonance.

The schedule from last year's festival is here

Won't you join us?

For a small number of guests who make reservations through Salon/Sanctuary Concerts, the Sacro / Profano festival will include daily privately guided tours under the direction of Florentine Art Historians. 


Private tours will include special access to a carefully curated selection of the most important museums of Florence, as well as unique behind the scenes visits to artisans’ and luthier's workshops, and conservation and restoration studios.


Accommodations will be in palace apartments in the historic center, dating from the Renaissance period.


Daytime privately guided tours will include attractions from the list below. Custom location visit requests can be arranged, depending on the number of participants.

  • The Uffizi
  • The Ponte Vecchio and Vasari Corridor
  • Palazzo Davanzati & Palazzo Strozzi
  • The Boboli Gardens
  • The Duomo and Baptistery
  • The Church of Santa Croce (Frescoes of Giotto) 
  • L'Accademia, home of Michelangelo's David
  • The Brancacci Chapel (Frescoes of Massaccio)
  • Palazzo Pitti & Palazzo Medici Riccardi
  • Santa Maria Novella
  • The Bargello and the Badia
  • L'Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori
  • The Ghirlandaio Last Supper
  • The Church of Santo Spirito

The cost to participate in the complete tour is $3,500 and includes admission to all concerts, museums, and studios, but does not include meals and airfare. To participate on a daily rate without staying the full duration, the cost is $400 per day. A deposit of $500 is required by May 20th. The full fee is due on May 27th.  For further information, to ask any questions, and to reserve your spot, please call (646) 470-1837.

Prefer to pay a deposit online and reserve your spot asap? Click here to make a deposit by paypal.

The total number of tour participants will be limited to six.


For the most economical and comfortable flights to Italy, Salon/Sanctuary Concerts highly recommends either Emirates Airlines or Alitalia. Use Emirates discount code USRMN16 for 4% off the total flight cost.

Have a question? Consult our FAQ page and see if we have an answer! If not, give us a call at (646) 470-1837 or send us an email.